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GigaSword is an action-puzzle metroidvania in which you wield a huge sword that weighs you down. By sticking the sword in the ground, you're able to jump higher, but you become unable to attack. Many of the puzzles revolve around sticking the sword into interactive objects that transport it around the room to areas you wouldn't have been able to reach while holding it. With cataclysm on the horizon, it's up to you to ascend the ancient tower and recover the God Crystal, Gnosis. 

Disclaimer: this game is still a work in progress. This is a demo showcasing the core gameplay mechanics in action. It features the first two areas of the game, the Outskirts and the Monastery, and culminates in the first boss fight. Everything here is subject to change, as nothing is guaranteed to be representative of the final product. 


(On Keyboard)

Move = Arrow Keys

Jump = Space

Attack = C

Dodge = X

Drop Sword = Z

(On Controller)

Move = Left Joystick

Jump = A (on xbox gamepad)

Attack = X (on xbox gamepad)

Dodge = Left Bumper

Drop Sword = Y (on xbox gamepad)

Also, you can press f11 to fullscreen.


We now have an official Discord! Join here: https://discord.gg/ZXH6XPUaKh

Thank you so much for playing this demo of GigaSword! This whole game is made by one person: me, Jack Breen. If you’d like to learn more, you can follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, or even consider donating to my Patreon. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hybrid_Games_

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh1fijKgdW9n0rSUngWkHOw

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JackBreen

Thank you all for your continued support! I love you guys.


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Late to the party, but this is awesome! The soundtrack is excellent and doesn’t get repetitive or tiring easily, and the sprite art is gorgeous, the parallax effects really made the spaces feel bigger.

I think the combat is pretty good so far! The mechanics of the gigasword feel good, and the dodge is suitably slow to allow the player to get punished for mistakes. Though I’m a Dark Souls fan so I’m probably used to what other people call clunky, I feel like it’s appropriate considering that the sword is so huge, it’s not like it’s easy to push that much mass around and especially not to interrupt its momentum.

I particularly had fun with the air plunge attack, using it to lengthen my jumps and get around shots, but I feel like it is perhaps a little too powerful. It seems like it’s totally invincible on landing. Maybe just knocking enemies away and giving them a short stun on a successful hit, and having less invincibility would be good? That way you could get hit by other nearby enemies if you aimed the attack wrong.

I do feel the slow movement makes the puzzles take a long time. Maybe that could be sped up by having a “sprint” mode where if you’ve been running around and not attacking for a bit, you’ll put the sword on your back and get faster?

I found a few movement glitches that I think haven’t been mentioned yet:

  • If you put the sword into a drop-through platform, then pick it up and immediately try to jump through the platform, you zip downwards to the nearest floor instantly.
  • If you aren’t carrying the sword and you jump off of a ladder near a ledge you can climb, sometimes you’ll attempt to grab the ledge and the ladder at the same time, which makes you jitter around in weird directions.
  • If you repeatedly try to stab the sword into something that you can’t stab (like a block), it sometimes doesn’t play the “bounce off” sound effect more than once.
  • You can grab the sword from a surface one tile higher than the sword
  • You can soft-lock yourself by rolling and grabbing the sword at the same time, you get stuck in the rolling animation and can’t come out.

Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate that you took the time to play the game and give your thoughts on it. I've fixed a ton of glitches since the release of this demo, but new ones still get discovered now and then. By the way, if you're interested in keeping up with the development, I've got a discord server now! https://discord.gg/er5hAyRT9B

What software do you use for your sfx/music? Really like the style.

It's called famitracker! It's great!

Awesome game with interessing gameplay and mechanics.

I follow it !

Thanks! Glad you like it!

do you know when the game will be complete ?

I ran into a small bug in the demo, I reached the section with the green wall banners and the green locked door, and I found a small key, I couldn't find the door that said key went to at first, and decided to try it on the purple key door earlier in the level. the key promptly left my inventory without doing anything. I have now found what I assume was the door that the key went to and I can no longer open it. other than that so far I'm loving the demo, i really appreciate the dark souls references

nvm I'm dumb you have already addressed this

Haha yeah I've been aware of that one, sorry about that! But I'm so glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks for playing!

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Hey is it OK if I make a character in an upcoming game I'm making (currently in the idea phase) a reference to this game?

That would be really cool, what specifically did you have in mind?

I'm thinking of having the glass cannon (more emphasis on cannon than on glass) of the group of 4 characters in the game have similar mechanics and physics to the GigaSword character. I'm also thinking of making her look similar to the GigaSword character with some big differences here and there.

Yeah that sounds cool! I'd love to play it once it's done!

Great game! Loved the music, core game mechanic, and artwork/animations. Keep up the great work!

Warning: small glitch in the underground area. If you get a small key and then try to go through the door in the giant statue room it'll consume the key without opening the door, leaving you stuck and unable to open the next small-key door.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know about that glitch, I've actually been aware of that one for a while 👍

I can't say enough good about this game! Not only are the mechanics fun and interesting, but the sprites and animations are amazing and really nice to look at and the sound design is just amazing! I can't wait for the full game!


I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for the kind comment!


Hey there, cool demo! Looking forward the final release.

Btw, if you are interested, I can translate the game from English to Spanish (latam), if so, I can do it for free!


Thanks for playing! Also thanks for offering, I'll certainly let you know! I'm not entirely sure how I'm handling translations yet

I see! If you need my help or something, feel free to shoot me a message!


Thanks so much for playing! You did great!

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this game is really fun 

I've already  kill the last boss twice and unlock 4 emeral gate i think?

I'm sad that the last two emeral gate is just a shortcut.

btw your game is really cool keep on good work jack.

sorry for my poor skill of english.


Thank you for playing!

Hello, I really enjoyed the demo. I recorded the bugs and glitches I found and I'm going to describe them here:

1. I don't know if this is intended but the enemies can detect you when you are under them and they won't let you get up.

2. I don't know what happened here but I got stuck.

3. I don't know what happened here either.

4. You are able to do this.

5. This is not a bug, it is my entire fight against the boss and the combat seems a bit odd. Sometimes you are able to hit him and sometimes you aren't. Also sometimes he starts doing the attack when you are already doing yours and you do not have time to dodge before he finishes attacking because you have to wait until your attack animation finishes. Also around the end (about 1:35) I think that I started mashing so much that I didn't move during the dodges and when I stopped mashing I kept attacking even if I wasn't touching any button.

I Hope this helps.

Looking forward to the full release, This game has a lot of potential!

Thank you for capturing these, some of these glitches I've never seen before until now! I'll make sure to fix them before the next version of the demo comes out. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the game though!

Deleted 269 days ago

Having a lot of fun this morning playing the demo! Keep up the great work, I look forward to the full game.


Thank you!! Glad you're enjoying it!

Hey I tried out your game on stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/891376012 it starts at around 1:08:00. I got lost at the end after getting a key that didn’t fit the purple or green door. Anyway for feedback:

Nice game, pretty good polish in the controls and visuals. Felt Shovel Knight-y.

Really like the puzzles and mechanics that use the sword, it’s really original for the genre.

I think it’s a bit weird that you can ignore like 90% of enemies though, but maybe there’ll be more incentive to farm once upgrades are available.

oh and really liked the music, it reminded me a lot of the ultraman/megaman theme (Okkusenman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsj0mY13t9s)

Thanks so much for your feedback! Sorry you got stuck; there's a glitch in the demo where the purple door will still take your key, but not unlock, so it's possible that you soft locked yourself at that part. If you want to try again, just don't interact with the purple door (its not meant to be opened in this demo). But I'm glad you enjoyed it overall!

Гарна музика ... це по перше.

І ще мені не зрозуміло чому не було боса в каналізації ?
Таке місце гарне для велитенськой змії 

Може додасте?

Hahaha, thanks! There may be more to do in the sewer in the future...? You'll have to wait and find out!

Never have I clicked to download a game so fast.


hell yeah! Hope you enjoy!

I found a "speedrun strat"

If you stab your sword into a platform, and then press to drop through the platform as you pull it back out, you can teleport downwards until you hit solid ground. Also, I'm not quite sure why this works, but you can beat those skeletons damageless by standing directly on top of them and repeatedly aerial striking. I guess it's a blindspot, but it doesn't seem to work if you aren't holding a sword. Love the game btw.


Someone actually caught that first glitch on camera a few days ago, I'll be sure to fix it 👍and yes, you found the secret skeleton strategy! Glad you're enjoying the game!


I really enjoyed the combat in this game, it has a lot of weight to it and the enemy design is good. Lots of telegraphing and lenience toward the player which is important and makes it feel fair.

However, I feel like the slow movement and methodical motion of the combat translates into laborious puzzles that take way too long to complete, even if the solution is obvious. There's a lot of walking and ledge jumping during which you don't really do much. You can roll to go slightly faster but it still feels tedious.

This wouldn't be that bad, and it wasn't enough to keep me from playing, but then I died and had to return to a checkpoint. The slow movement speed made getting back to where I was feel not worth it, and that feeling was compounded by having to do the same puzzles over again.

I don't know what you could do to solve this problem. For a game with rooms this large, movement should really be MUCH faster, but that kind of clashes with the way the combat works, and the idea that you're weighed down by an oversized sword.

To end on a positive note, I love the art. It's not groundbreakingly innovative per se, yet it feels like its own unique style while also striking a nostalgic chord. In particular, the scorpion enemy is very cute, to the point I almost feel bad for slaughtering it.


I just realized I somehow never responded to this comment, but thank you for you feedback! I'm glad you dig the art and combat. I'll keep tweaking things to try to make the game seem less tedious. 

It was preatty good and somewhat polished.

Thank you!

This game has a pretty unique mechanic to it and I just love how you can drop and use the sword for almost everything, there where some things that I think that should improved but I'm going to say it in my review, overall, the game was fantastic!

PS: I played the game on my xbox one controller and it was delicious to play in it, the keyboard is strange to play in it for some reason.

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


you can cosplay as the dev if you shove the sword up your ass


recon it needs to be added to mac

I reckon a MacOS build is in order

Interesting concept. I liked both the combat and the puzzles even though I got a bit lost at times.


Thanks so much for playing!!

It's fresh to throw away your sword

Thanks for playing!

Very interesting demo, great look, great vibe (Messenger seems like a big inspiration). Personally I didn't miss the map, I think it is more interesting to explore, when you don't know where you're going. And also if you don't plan to put some related stuff very far from eachother, I don't think it is  necessary.

On another note I think the dodge is very bad, super slow, it should cancel an attack (I'm guessing the reason for the delay is that the attack move is finished first and then the character can dodge) and dodge immediately, since when an enemy attack comes it's impossible to dodge if you spammed the attack button before. 

I like the world, the music is nice, it got a little boring after a time, but I do understand that this is only a demo.

Keep up the good work! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Hi! I played the game, I didn't finish it because I died of bullshit and I just closed the XD game but the game is very addictive and I'm sure it has a lot of potential! =)
If I had money I would certainly give something!

Thanks so much!

Great game with a lot of potential, I understand is a work in progress, that being said my only feedback is the controls for keyboard are kinda weird, at least for me it would work better if Z and C switched places; The lack of Lore at the start of the game, kinda wish I knew what is happening (Again I am sure this will be fixed in time). And the last thing is that a map/minimap could be very useful since in the middle of the second level I got completely lost and failed to distinguish If I could go down some holes or not.

What I absolutely loved is the attention to detail in the level design and the variety of enemies I encountered. Very surprised when a red skeleton blocked my attack.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! There will be plenty of lore later on for sure. And yes, there is going to be a map!

ok i did not get to finich the game becuse of this HUGE glitch

i found a key in the second area and din't find the door and than i did some backtracking and try to use the key on the purple door

i removed the key but did not open the door and was stuck

i am sorry but i will not play the entiere game up to that point argan

Hi thanks for letting me know, I actually had someone else run into that glitch earlier. Thanks for playing though!

Hi Jack, I was just playing through your demo. It's fantastic. How long have you been working on it? I can see where you want to take the game and I am excited by it.

I was playing on a gamepad and my two thoughts are..

1) When I'm hanging on an edge I can press thumbstick down and drop, but I was unable press thumbstick up to ascend the edge. 

2) This could be a design choice being you play as a guy carrying a big sword but I would like two different attacks while jumping. The only option I have always brings the sword down and stops my progression. I wouldn't mind a quick sword slash while in the air.

Other than that I really enjoyed everything. Working on my own side scroller I love how everything about how smooth your demo goes; it also shows me I have a lot to do to get mine up to this bar.

Keep up the fantastic work.


thanks for your feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Pressing up to climb a ledge is a good idea. Also, in terms of another air attack, you'll be able to use the ore you collect to upgrade your sword and unlock new moves. So yes, more combat techniques are coming! I've been working on this since spring of 2019, I was actually at PAX east last March!

If you're interested, I actually have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to teaching others about indie game design, if you wanna learn more about how I approach design perspectives! In any case, I wish you the best of luck on your game; I'm always looking for new indies to feature!

Cool, I will check out your channel. With regular work and family I only get maybe an hour or so a day to work on my own game.

I had my son (7) play through your demo. While he didn't have time to play through the whole demo before going back to school he did get just past where your hero falls into the sewer. The only help I had to provide was that he could grab walls. He figured out all the other puzzles on his own. He liked it also.

That's awesome! I'm glad he enjoyed it!

I really love this game. The Giga sword and its use as a mechanic to hinder the player as well as a puzzle mechanic is absolutely amazing. If I said that the use of the sword was what was absolutely special for me, however, I'd be lying.

I really love the art style. The background elements are really diverse in the different environments and the small details (like the one drop of water after you pass the dragon head statue) just makes the game feel alive.

Great work!

(Just a note, I couldn't get my Xbox controller to work with the game).

That's strange about the controller, it does indeed support gamepads so maybe it was just acting weird. In any case, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, it means a lot!

This was super cool! Definitely gives me Shovel Knight/Zelda vibes. I love the mixture of combat along with figuring out how to get your sword to different places. I didn't quite make it to a boss, but from what I played the puzzles were pretty varied. The music was great as well, definitely scratched my classic itch. Overall a really great game I'm going to keep an eye on!

Thanks so much for making this video! It was a blast to watch you play, and your commentary was great. I will absolutely sub to your channel.

Some notes:

-There is a boss if you make it far enough!

-There's gonna be a map in the final game, I just didn't get it working in time for the demo.

-The ore that you collect from enemies is used to unlock new (optional) abilities; like shooting a spark when at full health, or an improved jump attack and stuff like that.

-There's no Steam page just yet but there will be soon, in case you were hoping to wishlist it! For now if you wanna follow me on twitter you'll be able to see all my updates.

-You played very well, combat-wise and puzzle-wise. You made it like more than halfway through the whole thing with no deaths! And your intuition with the puzzles was spot on.  

Thank you again for all the kind words. This video made my day!

Cool! I'll definitely be wishlisting this when it gets a Steam page, would love to do a full LP at some point. Glad I was able to make your day, thanks for making such a neat game!

Love how there's a lot of game mechanic involving just a Giga Sword and the look of the area. Dislike the jumping though :)

Thank you for playing!

Okay, I'm finally completed the demo. Yeahhhh. Love Sloan.

You did it!!! Thanks so much for coming back!!

very nintendo like, reminded me of zelda(the really old version),

Thank you! Zelda is a big influence for me!

for us all :)

i finally had the time to sit down and give this demo the attention it absolutely deserves and i am absolutely blown away!

the puzzles and general vibe remind me very much of iconoclasts in the best ways, which is itself a huge love letter to the Zelda series. this game isn't afraid to throw some pretty head scratching puzzles our way and i'm absolutely here for it. by the end of it, i can finally say that now i'm thinking with giga swords.

- the combat is pretty satisfying, although it's a bit too easy to 1-2-1-2-1-2 spam by combo cancelling. the 1-2-3 combo looks fantastic but it does feel a little overpowered.
- maybe i'm reading too much into it, but i love this literal take on violence weighing ezra down, as vulnerable as he may be without it.
- earthy tones have never looked so good! the greys and beiges and browns all have this lovely blue tint as they get darker and it really balances out everything as far as eye-flavor goes. it looks great.
- these crunchy sounds and tunes are the tastiest thing i've heard since plastic love. some of the temple music gave me actual goosebumps.
- i love the B I G puzzles. the big, multi-room ones. they remind me of every time in your videos that you've said, "this is important, remember it, we'll come back to it later." sure enough, after giving up on a puzzle to explore some more, i find another way to near it and figure out how to set it up. the backtracking might be divisive to some, but it's an acquired taste that i'll happily sip like fine whisky. a map would be nice, though.
- i don't know who this owl guy is in all the statues, but i would die for him. he looks like a friend, and i trust him with my whole heart. i can't explain why.
- the silent area with what looked like a battlefield gave me chills. i'm not sure what we're setting up for here, but i can only hope i'm ready for it.
- how funny is it we might've been both thinking of minotaurs at the same time?
- for a demo, this has incredible polish! it's well-crafted and finely-tuned.

god, what a beautiful game. as a huge fan of your youtube series, it's very clear to see that you know what makes good games tick, and seeing what you do with that is exciting. i can't wait to play this game when it's done!

much love, dude!

Dude, it means so much to me that you took the time to write all this. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Some random responses:

- I'm really glad people are enjoying the puzzles! They're a huge part of the game, with Zelda being a major influence. I've yet to play iconoclasts actually, I'll have to check it out (it's been on my wishlist forever)

-combat is indeed pretty easy in this demo once you get the hang of the combo execution, but you better BELIEVE it's gonna get harder and more complicated later on!

-The Owl's name is Omari and yes he is your bestest friend haha (the statue with the book is a different Nocturne though! Lots of lore down the road here)

-"violence weighs Ezra down" is a theme that I had never even intended, but a very interesting one! So funny how everybody picks up on things in different ways.

Again, thank you so much for playing and for leaving such a heartfelt comment. Tons of love right back at you my man!


Excellent work!! A wonderful mix of aspects of Shovel Knight, Zelda, and Dark Souls, with its own interesting twist. Love the music in the non-combat areas of the temple. Puzzles made me feel clever without getting frustrating. Can't wait to see what comes next!


there's a reason they call you King Andrew 🤘🤘 thanks so much dude! So glad you liked it!

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good arcade

Thanks for playing!

Great work! I love your game concept

Thank you!

Great Platformer with nice pixel art! It is featured in my Week's Top 5! Check the video!


Thanks so much! Great video!

love the art and animation, especially the music. i dont think i have anything new to say that  i already didnt read in the comments. Well good luck in the full game and be sure to get some sleep :)

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! I think I'll spend the entirety of next week in bed hahaha

I LOVE this demo. I can't wait for the full release. I am leaving my thoughts down below, because I know how important feedback is.

  • I was hoping we would get to upgrade our sword, but I understand between technical and story limitations that was not going to happen. It got me really excited though, and I would love to see the customizability that could come from it. My suggestion would be maybe having a button be like a lung/dash?
  • I was disapointed that we couldn't do any damage without the sword. I understand that we are weaker but faster/nimbler without the sword, but I would love to see a quick, low damage punch that we could combo enemies with.
  • I loved the platforming! I like the differences between sword and no sword, because it makes it feel less video-gamey, and more organic. You are carrying a giant sword, how are you gonna swim, right?
  • The music is great. It reminded me of the Messenger (which I loved), but not in a copying way. It definitely felt nostalgic while still being fresh and original.
  • The boss fight is great! I really enjoyed the two different slashes, as well as a ranged attack.
  • The enemy palette is my biggest (But still small) complaint. Every enemy is red-on-red, and I would love to see more variation. I thought every enemy was great gameplay-wise, especially the big spider-thing that spits acid.

Over all, I really enjoyed the game, and can't wait to see where you take it!


Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Here are my responses, in order:

-You will eventually be able to upgrade the sword, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish that feature on time for this demo. But in the full game, you'll use Ore (the stuff you get from enemies) to unlock new optional abilities. Things like a spark that shoots along the floor when you swing and an improved air attack and more.

-Ezra is very vulnerable without the sword, which leads to some super tense situations! 

-So glad you liked the music! I've had a blast making the songs for this game. 

-I made all of the enemies red so that they would always be recognizable, although later on in the game they start to take on more colors.

Thanks again for playing!!

muito bom esse jogo, eu joguei ja umas 3 vezes, e nunca perde a emoção, façam mais jogos !!

(2 edits)

Ok I'll start with tweaks that are probably unnecessary but would be nice touches because criticism is probably more valuable since you definitely know what makes this game work and I'm pretty sure that's half why you posted this demo.

- Having variable jump height depending on how long you hold the button  would be great. Of course you'd still be able to jump higher without the sword but I think this would be a nice touch. However, if you are using the constant height for certain reasons/puzzles or if you want to keep it due to coding difficulties then ignore this.

-Definitely more of a nice touch suggestion but the music could be distorted in water similar to that in The Messenger (which the first track kinda reminds me of. Take that as a compliment. I really like it.)

-Also very much a nitpick, but maybe the music could have the same reaction to saving as it does to pausing (I mean when you pause the music stops but when you save it continues normally. Maybe just give them both the same effect).

Ok here are some little things I liked.

-You can kill the wall turrets.

-Your dodge is longer without the sword.

-You can only swim without the sword and you can do a spin move by dashing.

Anyways I just finished the forest section and am about 5 minutes past it. Overall, a very fun seamless and well telegraphed tutorial. I can definitely see the puzzle potential that is presented by the simple gimmick (might be wrong phrasing. I don't mean it negatively). This game is shaping up to be very well and deliberately designed and honestly would work perfectly for an analysis on your channel. 9  fruit plates out of 10. I also just wanted to make sure we were able to access the area past the breakable wall because this seems like a pretty hearty demo so far (edit: I don't mean to brag but I read the description. It also answered this question).

(1 edit)

Oh I have another... not really a criticism more like a suggestion. I feel like it might be nice the start the game quiet, (as much as I love that track). I'm thinking that you could have your character without the sword at the start and have there be no music, and when you find the sword or return to it, (I don't want to dictate the story so only consider this loosely) the music would kick in and the tutorial would truly start like it does in game. Everything is very well done, I just think it could start less abruptly (and this is just assuming that you haven't created an opening, and that you don't want a very quick introduction). Also I understand this is completely subjective and my feelings won't be hurt if you don't implement anything because some people would like it without them.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I'm glad you're liking the game. Here are my responses:

-The demo does indeed start very abruptly, but rest assured the final game will have much more of a proper intro.

-You actually ARE going to start off without the sword! But I can't say too much more about that because spoilers

-I like the underwater music idea. There's going to be a water area later called the Flooded Gardens, maybe I'll implement it there.

-Variable jump height is something I've been meaning to add, just haven't gotten around to it yet haha

Thank you again for playing!!