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Jawbreaker is a 2D arcade style beat em up. The rules are simple: get as high up the elevator as you can before meeting your fate at the hands of the enemies. Fight for the highest score!

Jawbreaker can also be played with a buddy! Grab a friend and hit the elevator together as a team. Or, if you've got a score to settle, face off in Versus Mode!

Tips on Fighting:

As you fight, your special meter builds up. There are three sections of the special meter, each granting you a stronger attack. These attacks deal massive amounts of damage. 

When a special is used, the fighter will flash for a brief moment afterwards. This is the opponent's chance to do a counter attack. To execute a counter, simply hit the opponent while he's flashing. Counter attacks also deal massive damage, so if you're going to use a special, be careful you don't miss!



***I will do my best to fix any glitches or problems that are encountered!***

As always, thank you for playing! I really hope you enjoy this one; it's been in the works for a while. If you want to support me,  please consider checking out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JackBreen


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Definitely fun for a couple runs.  I need a jump button.

lol this Lit

this is a f***ing great beat 'em up. keep ut the good work!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

oh lol

If anyone wants to fight my highscore: Level 7

Fun game!

I wish it was less repetitive though

LOL My Highscore is 20 (little trick: use the skill where you grab your enemy and f**k them up!)

Glad you're having fun with it!


It is my favorite style of game and I have fun. If two things are missing, skill is not diverse, and game is difficult because there is only one item.

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Nub here, how do you hit the super awesome combos in the gif up there?

Other than that, the graphics and ost are nice. Good job! ^O^

Glad you like the game! The move shown in the gif is the 3rd special attack. To preform it, get your special meter up all the way and then press 'E' .

Thanks! :3

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Hey, just gave the game a couple of plays, and the super moves and throw felt very rewarding. The regular attacks felt a little odd not having hitstun. Every character could just attack regardless of whether they were taking damage or not, which meant there was no reward for dodging and counter attacking, as the enemy could just attack right after I landed my counter attack.

I'm guessing hit and run tactics are the way to go, still it would be nice if the enemies had a visual cue from being hit (other than the damage numbers).

All the best!

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, I see what you're saying; technically the enemies can't attack while they're being hurt, but their stun probably doesn't last long enough. I'll definitely keep this in mind!  


This looks great. Just FYI you have to tag this as a windows game (with the little icon next to the windows download) if you want it to play nice with the itch.io launcher (you do).


I'm glad you like it! And thank you for pointing that out, I just went back and fixed it


Yeah dude,the game is gooorgeous. I have no idea what I'm doing (or what's optimal gameplay), but it's pretty cool looking.